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NUK Nipple Wipes

  • Gentle for sensitive nipples.
  • 100% cotton
  • No chemicals
  • With purified water.
  • NUK Nipple Wipe is thoroughly sterilised by autoclaving at 115 degree celsius.
  • Only purified water is used, contains no preservatives or chemicals.
  • Recommended to those who have delicate skin.
  • Individually air-tight sealed, hygienic and convenient to carry.
  • Each box contains 30 sachets.

Breastfeeding is the most natural method of feeding your baby. Throughout breastfeeding the milk changes according to what your baby needs. Breast milk contains properties, which increase the baby's resistance to respiratory infections and diarrhoea. Breastfeeding is a special and rewarding time that is shared between you and your baby.

NUK Nipple Wipes do not contain alcohol and are not bleached by chlorine. They are fragrance-free, made with natural products, extra thick and soft with large size wipe for easy cleaning. Unique smaller dispensing hole ensures a better seal so wipes will not dry out. 

Features and Benefits

• 100% cotton

• No chemicals

• Gentle for sensitive nipples. The skin is not likely to have an allergic reaction.

• Only purified water is used and contains no preservatives and chemicals. Suitable to be used before and after breastfeeding the baby.

• Each piece of the Nipple Wipes is thoroughly sterilised by autoclaving machines at 115 dec C.

• Use a piece of Nipple Wipe to clean the nipple before and after breastfeeding the baby as the Nipple Wipe is soft and does not fray.

• The wipe is individually air-tight sealed, hygienic and convenient to carry around.

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