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The best NUK Soothers of all times.

Sucking not only ensures the intake of food, it also promotes the development of the most varied of abilities. For this, the tongue has to have enough space for free sucking movements. This is the only way to exercise every muscle that babies need for swallowing, chewing and learning to speak correctly. And it is possible with the new NUK Soother: being so flat, thin and narrow, it leaves the tongue enough room. And it fits optimally into the mouth, when the baby sucks it. That is confirmed by midwives, paediatricians and orthodontists*.

* Independent market research with 50 midwives, 50 paediatricians and 50 orthodontists; Germany 2017

Thinner and narrower teat neck

reduces the pressure on the jaws and teeth.

Flatter baglet and smoother underside

for a pleasant feeling in the mouth and more room for natural sucking movements.

92% of the breastfeeding mothers confirm that the NUK Soothers did not affect breastfeeding.*

NUK Soothers feel familiar and fit optimally into babies’ mouths. 95% of the babies accept them.*

100% of the orthodontists confirm that the new NUK Soothers do not cause crooked teeth or jaw misalignment.**


* Independent market research, 307 mothers, Germany 2017

** Independent market research, 50 orthodontists, Germany 2017

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All babies come into the world with an innate need to suck. Breastfeeding satisfies this, giving them everything that they need: being held close and their optimal nutrition. But for many babies, the need to suck goes beyond breastfeeding. For these babies, NUK Soothers are optimally suited, as:

  • the unique NUK Shape is modelled on a mother’s nipple as she breastfeeds.
  • NUK Soothers are particularly well accepted by breastfeeding babies too.

Not only did we invent the pacifier that is right for the jaw, we have now optimised it, so that it comes even closer to nature. The result is the now even better Original for relaxed babies and their parents.

NUK Soothers were developed with experts over 60 years ago. They all work closely together in our own research and development department: internal employees, independent scientists, doctors, orthodontists, midwives and parents. Only when the product has been passed by everyone, may it go into production. With the help of surveys, we recheck the experts’ opinions at the end. Here are the results:


of the midwives would recommend the new NUK Soothers to a breastfeeding mother who would like to use a pacifier.*
of the paediatricians confirm that the new NUK Soothers are an optimal fit for a child’s palate.*
of the orthodontists confirm that the new NUK Soothers do not cause crooked teeth or jaw misalignment.*
of the orthodontists, paediatricians and midwives confirm that the new NUK Soothers are suitable for pacifying the innate sucking reflex.*

* Independent market research with 50 midwives, 50 paediatricians and 50 orthodontists; Germany 2017

NUK Soothers are, of course, not only evaluated by scientific experts and doctors, but also by you, the parents. For, when it comes to your children, you are the most important experts. It is only when you are satisfied with the soother that we are too. That is why we asked your opinion about the new NUK Soothers already before their introduction. The results:


of the mothers confirm the calming effect of the NUK Soothers on their baby.*
of the mothers confirm that the new NUK Soothers do not affect breastfeeding.*
of the babies accept the new NUK Soothers.*
of the mothers recommend the new NUK Soothers.*

* Independent market research with 307 mothers; Germany 2017

Silicone or Latex?

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Silicone is neutral in taste and smell, as well as very heat-resistant. Silicone soothers are particularly hygienic and easy to clean.
Latex is a natural product and feels soft and warm to the touch. The honey-yellow material is especially flexible and tear-resistant.

NUK Soothers – as colourful as life itself.

NUK Happy Days and Happy Nights – the original that is right for the jaw.

With constantly new motifs and timeless colours, the NUK Classic has been babies’ companion for generations.

NUK Freestyle – gentle to skin.

Particularly kind to the skin. Thanks to its innovative design it has little skin contact and lets more air onto sensitive baby skin.

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NUK Night & Day – with the flat button.

Ideal to use when falling asleep. With fashionable designs, popular figures or can glow in the dark – there is something for everyone here.

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NUK Genius – naturally ingenious.

Its appearance: minimalistic. Its baglet: perfected using the latest medical findings and particularly clever details.

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NUK Soothers have to meet extremely high demands when it comes to material and assembly safety. We work passionately every day to meet these requirements – and exceed even the specified quality standards. For we know that only the very best quality is good enough for your baby.

Before a new NUK Soother comes onto the market, each one has undergone numerous checks, passed tests and fulfilled international norms – its tear strength has been tested, it has been monitored by assembly robots and cameras and examined by the trained eye of a quality control employee. Even independent inspectors regularly check the production at our German site. But all that is worth it to us: the trust that millions of parents have had in our products for decades, is our very highest award. It motivates us to continue to set new standards every day.

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