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Oral Care & Teething Rings

Oral Care & Teething Rings

For a healthy bite right from the start: oral development is close to our hearts. So that is why, along with soothers and teats, NUK also offers products which help with teething and promote oral hygiene. With NUK Teething rings and a NUK Cooling Stick which help relieve teething pains and promote grasping and chewing, the oral care products, from the NUK Oral Care Finger to the NUK Training Toothbrush, are a playful way to introduce children to cleaning their teeth.

  1. NUK Baby Toothpaste with Starter Toothbrush
    NUK Baby Toothpaste with Starter Toothbrush
  2. NUK Baby Toothpaste
    NUK Baby Toothpaste
  3. NUK Oral Care Finger
    NUK Oral Care Finger
  4. Toothbrush for Children
    Toothbrush for Children
  5.  NUK Interchangeable Feeder-Teether
    NUK Interchangeable Feeder-Teether
  6. NUK Oral Wipes
    NUK Oral Wipes
  7. NUK Training Toothbrush Set
    NUK Training Toothbrush Set
  8. NUK Starter Toothbrush
    NUK Starter Toothbrush

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