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Preparation & Storage

Preparation & Storage

To just quickly warm the bottle or prepare a puree: NUK has many products which help make your everyday routine easier and simplify the preparation of fresh baby food. Various baby food warmers can heat up milk and puree, both gently and quickly. The NUK Baby Menu cooks and purees fresh ingredients for the first puree or smoothie. There are also storage containers that can be used for either freezing the puree or conjuring it into healthy ice lollies.

  1. NUK Milk Powder Dispenser
    NUK Milk Powder Dispenser
  2. NUK 3 in 1 Thermo Bottle Warmer
    NUK 3 in 1 Thermo Bottle Warmer

Prepare and store baby food

It's easy and uncomplicated to prepare a delicious meal for your little darling. It doesn't matter whether you're at home or out and about: when your little darling is hungry, it has to be quick. NUK supports you reliably with years of experience in preparing baby food. In a complete set or individually, with these utensils you can conjure up a satisfied smile on the face of your little gourmet in next to no time.

Preparing baby food - at home and on the road

Cook baby food yourself? Of course you can! Then you always know exactly what's in it. And it doesn't have to be a big effort at all. Turn fresh fruit and cooked vegetables into delicious baby food in next to no time with the NUK Fresh Foods puree set, consisting of a non-slip bowl with a masher. Thanks to the handy design, it's no problem to prepare baby food on the go. To minimise the effort, the most efficient way is for you to prepare several portions of baby food at once. You can either put this home-cooked baby food in the fridge for a short period of time or freeze it in small portions. NUK Fresh Foods containers and freezer moulds are the best choice for this. The completely BPA-free material keeps baby food reliably fresh. What's more, the size of the boxes makes them easy to store in the fridge or freezer. Our snack box is particularly suitable for storing whole pieces of fruit. With practical large handles on the sides, it is easy to hold, especially for small children.

Tip: Our small ice-cream moulds are ideal for the small appetite in between. Simply freeze some pureed fruit, fruit juice or yoghurt and conjure up a refreshing snack for your little one. Thanks to the extra-large opening in the grip, the moulds are perfect for children's hands!

Preparing baby food: Dairy products

We also have simple solutions for preparing and storing dairy products. When it comes to heating baby food quickly and gently, the so-called bottle warmers for babies are practical kitchen assistants. They not only help you avoid work, but also the uncertainty when it comes to estimating the temperature of the food. Later on, they can also be used to heat baby porridge, etc. and are, therefore, a useful aid in preparing baby food. In our range you will also find a model that is suitable for when you’re out and about.

And especially when you're out and about, you sometimes have to be quick. That's why all emergency meals should be measured out in advance. For this purpose, a thermos flask with hot water and a milk powder portioner should always be at hand. The individual sealable jars of these portioners guarantee precise measurement of milk or porridge powder and are easy to fill thanks to the integrated funnel in the lid. This makes it quick and easy to prepare baby food. Particularly practical: The high-quality plastic material not only keeps powder fresh, but can also be used later for smaller meals such as fruit and vegetables. For storing breast milk, on the other hand, our practical breast milk bags are ideal. The sterile bags are leak-proof and can be frozen.

If you are looking for basic equipment for preparing baby food in one go, you should take a look at our feeding set. From preparing baby milk to gentle heating and feeding to subsequent sterilisation, everything is covered here.

Tip: A bottle box - small gadget, big effect. Whether for draining after rinsing or for storing the bottles: the space-saving box ensures order and structure in everyday bottle feeding.

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