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Soother Chains & Bands

Soother Chains & Bands

  1. NUK  Premium Soother Chain with clip
    NUK Premium Soother Chain with clip

NUK soother chains and soother bands

Most babies love their soother, so there is a lot of drama when they fall out or even get lost. If you don’t have a spare soother or something to clean it with, tears are often not far away. To prevent this from happening in the first place, a soother chain or a soother strap can help. This way, the soother always stays exactly where it should be.

The correct attachment of the soother chain

NUK soother chains are very easy to attach in order to ensure that the soother always stays in place. Soother chains usually have a small hook at one end and a small clip at the other. To secure the soother, simply attach the hook of the soother chain to the ring of the favourite soother. Compared to soother chains, soother straps have the small but decisive advantage that they can also be securely attached to smoothers without a ring. Instead of a hook, they have an elastic silicone ring. The clip at the other end is then attached to the romper suit. The soothing companion is simply secured and dramas are skilfully avoided.

What should you look for in soother chains?

As with almost all baby products, you should pay attention to the material of the soother chain. Since it is attached to the romper suit, it is not unlikely that the soother chain or the soother strap will end up in your baby's mouth now and then. That's why it's important to choose BPA-free materials when buying.

All NUK soother chains are both BPA-free and manufactured according to the strict European safety standards. If a part of the soother chain does end up in baby's mouth, this is absolutely harmless due to our high-quality standards.

Important: The soother chain should be removed when it is in the cot, cradle or playpen for the child's safety.

Colourful soother chain motifs

Thanks to the varied designs of the NUK soother chains, you will find the right soother chain or strap for every little soother lover. Whether it's a matching colour to your favourite romper suit, decorated with Disney characters or another cute motif - your little darling is sure to love his new accessory!

Are you looking for a soother chain that is just as individual as your baby? Or do you want to give a special gift to new parents and their offspring? Then simply design your very own personalised soother chain in the NUK soother chain studio. You can individually determine the colour and the motif or an individual soother chain can be designed with the baby's name. A real eye-catcher!

Tip: Still looking for a matching soother for the soother chain? Then simply take a look at the soothers we offer or personalise the soother yourself.

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